“Pulmonary function in third trimester – A Cross- Sectional study”.


  • Sushmita Jha Student
  • Dr. Archana Nagargoje




Third trimester, Pulmonary function test, Physiotherapy


ABSTRACT: The present Cross sectional study was conducted on 43 women who were in their third trimester. Analysis of the Pulmonary function of the individual was done by using the Pulmonary Function Test.

Methodology: It was an observational study with 4 months duration. Total 43 Pregnant women in Third trimester were recruited with purposive sampling method. The Outcome measure was FEV1, FVC, FEV1/FVC & PEFR which was seen by using Pulmonary Function Test. Result: The predicted and performed value of FEV1, FVC, PEFR were compared using Paired t test where the p value was <0.0001 which was Extremely Significant. The reduction seen between Predicted and Performed values was 46%, 53% an 40%. The predicted and performed value of FEV1/FVC were compared using Paired t test where the p value was 0.6232 which showed Not Significant. Conclusion: The study concludes that Changes are seen in Pulmonary Function during the Third trimester i.e FEV1, FVC and PEFR decreases during the Third trimester whereas there is no change seen in FEV1/FVC ratio.


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