Effect of 4 weeks inspiratory muscle training on inspiratory muscle strength and quality of life in dialysis patients. A pilot study


  • Aarya Mehta Under Graduate Student, D.V.V.P.F.’S College of Physiotherapy, Ahmednagar.
  • Dr. Arijit Kumar Das Associate Profesor
  • Dr. Abhijit D. Diwate Professor & HOD
  • Dr. Archana Nagargoje Assistant Professor




Kidney disease, Keywords – Abdominal surgery, inspiratory muscle training, preoperative, post-operative, pulmonary complications., respiratory muscles, maximum respiratory pressure, muscle weakness, CLOSED AND OPEN KINETIC CHAIN EXERCISES


Background: Dialysis is the most preferred way to treat chronic kidney disease (CKD). The
commonest complication associated with dialysis is uremic myopathy. Inspiratory muscle
training (IMT) improves the strength of respiratory muscles.
Methods: 11 patients with Stage 4 and 5 of chronic kidney disease with more than 3 months
of dialysis underwent Inspiratory muscle training using self-made inspiratory trainer by taking
pre and post intervention values of Maximum inspiratory pressure (MIP) and QOL.
Result: Paired t test was used and the MIP and QOL values are statistically significant with a
p-value of < 0.0001 and 0.0124 respectively.
Conclusion: Inspiratory muscle strength and QOL is reduced in dialysis patients and a 4-week
inspiratory muscle training using a self-made inspiratory muscle trainer is effective to reverse
the adverse effects of dialysis.
Keywords: Kidney disease, complications, respiratory muscles, maximum respiratory
pressure, muscle weakness, exercise.

Author Biographies

Aarya Mehta, Under Graduate Student, D.V.V.P.F.’S College of Physiotherapy, Ahmednagar.

Under Graduate Student, Department of Cardiovascular and Respiratory Sciences Physiotherapy, D.V.V.P.F.’S College of Physiotherapy, Ahmednagar.

Dr. Arijit Kumar Das, Associate Profesor

Associate Profesor, Department of Cardiovascular and Respiratory Sciences Physiotherapy, D.V.V.P.F’s College of Physiotherapy, Ahmednagar

Dr. Abhijit D. Diwate, Professor & HOD

Professor & HOD, Department of Cardiovascular and Respiratory Sciences Physiotherapy, D.V.V.P.F’s College of Physiotherapy, Ahmednagar

Dr. Archana Nagargoje, Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor, Department of Cardiovascular and Respiratory Sciences Physiotherapy, D.V.V.P.F.’S College of Physiotherapy, Ahmednagar.


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