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The quality of a journal is determined by the quality of the papers published, which is determined by the quality of the refereeing process. The referees determine not only the quality of the material but also the quality of their responses to authors in a timely and efficient manner and the time it takes from the receipt of an article to its publication. To put it simply, referees are the backbone of every peer-reviewed publication. "The world relies on journals, and journals depend on referees," so an important referee.

We are grateful to have the help of the people on this list during our evaluation process

The journal office will contact the potential candidates to be reviewers of this journal. However, interested researchers can also approach the journal office through e-mail ( to offer their services. Before selection, researchers will be asked to submit a recent copy of an up-to-date CV or resume and a completed reviewer application form. At a minimum, reviewers with the following requisites will be informed about their selection.

1) A postgraduate degree and at least 15 years of experience or a Ph.D. or higher in the field.

2) In the last five years, three or more peer-reviewed journal publications of comparable impact and reputation

3) Reviewers should be involved in active research.

Benefits of being a reviewer for this journal include: If the reviewer is a first or second author, the journal will not charge a fee for handling the manuscript.

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