Identifying the challenges of 6 months telerehabilitation programme on non COVID patients during COVID -19 through patients’ perception


  • Maheshwari harishchandre Associate Professor
  • Suvarna Ganvir



Perception, Telerehabilitation, Physiotherapy, Exercises etc.



Background: The effect of  Covid-19  on medical care for conditions other than Covid-19 has been difficult to quantify.1 Any decrease in care for patients with stroke may be consequential because timely treatment may decrease the disability. Methodology: A qualitative type of study was conducted on 15participants. Old neuro patients, participants who were willing to participate & performing ADL’s with difficulty or minimal assistance were included & new patients, participants with  neurological abnormalities were excluded.

Result: A total 15 participants with neurological dysfunction were included in the study. The mean duration of symptoms was 2.83±2.35 in years. 80% patients were like the concept of telerehabilitation & 100% patients were satisfied from the telerehabilitation session.

Conclusion: Patients were generally satisfied of telerehabilitation programme during COVID.  But showed less interest after number of sessions and difficult to take follow up of telerehabilitation for long term.

Key Words: Perception, Telerehabilitation, Physiotherapy, Exercises etc.


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