Influence of low, medium and high BMI on hand grip strength among community dwelling elderly population


  • Bhakti Gorhe DVVPF's college of Physiotherapy
  • Dr. Shyam Ganvir(PT)



Body mass index, Hand grip strength, Community dwelling elderly population


ABSTRACT: - Aim of the study is to find out the influence of low, medium and high body mass index on hand grip strength among community dwelling elderly population.

Methodology: - This was an observational cross-sectional study performed on 30 community dwelling elderly population with age groups 60 and above 60. Out of total 30 participants 8 were having low BMI, 9 were having medium BMI and 13 were having high BMI. BMI was calculated by taking weight (in kg) by using weighing machine and height in (meters). Hand grip strength was measured by using hand held (JAMER) dynamometer.

Result: - Data has summarized by using descriptive statistic of mean and standard deviation.

Then Pearson correlation test was used to measure relation between hand grip strength and BMI.ANOVA technique was used for multiple group comparison by using graph pad software. By using Pearson corelation we got the result that there is positive corelation between High BMI with HGS and negative corelation between HGS with low and medium BMI. By using one-way ANOVA test we got (p value>0.05) which is non-significant. One way ANOVA shows comparison of hand grip strength of low, medium and high BMI and it is like H>M>L for both dominant and non-dominant.

CONCLUSION: - Our study concludes from the above result that there is corelation between Hand grip strength and body mass index.


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