Effect of level of injury on disability and community reintegration among spinal cord injury community dwellers: A Pilot study


  • Kalantri Gayatri M.P.T. Student, Dept. of Community Physiotherapy, DVVPFs, College of Physiotherapy, Ahmednagar
  • Prof Dr. Ganvir Shyam (PhD) Professor and HOD, Dept. of Community Physiotherapy, DVVPF's College of Physiotherapy, Ahmednagar




Background:- Spinal cord injury (SCI) brings a huge number of changes in an individual's life. SCI patients experience a variety of physical and psychosocial challenges when they return to the community in spite of the massive efforts of rehabilitation. In patients with SCI, disability (impairments, activity limitations and participation restrictions) is very important for both patients and physicians. Hence this study aimed to see the effect of level of injury on disability among community dwelling spinal cord injury individuals. Methodology:- This study was carried out in tertiary care hospital Individuals with spinal cord injury were included according to the inclusion criteria. Disability and community integration were assessed by using Craig Handicap Assessment and Reporting Technique (CHART) and Reintegration to normal living index Result:- Statistical analysis was done using descriptive statistics of individuals. Conclusion:- Showed significant decline in CHART And RNL score in cervical level of spinal cord injury patients.


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