How to Write a Scholarly Book Review- Guidelines with Do’s and Don’ts


  • Dr. Shyam Ganvir (PT) Principal and Professor, DVVPF's, College of Physiotherapy,Ahmednagar
  • Dr. Aboli Deshmukh (PT) Assistant Professor, Motiwala college of Physiotherapy, Nashik



Aim- To generate step wise scholarly writing skills, involved in writing book reviews for publication, as well as to provide key notes on conducting book reviews.


In order to search literature articles pertinent to writing scholarly book reviews for publication, a scientific search was carried out across MEDLINE, EMBASE, CINAHL, PubMed and SCOPUS.


The initial search yielded 650 articles. After applying filters as articles published in 2000-2022, English language & after duplicates were removed, a total of 21 articles were included in this review for guidelines.


The scholarly book review serves several functions and has the potential to be a powerful literary form. To publish a successful scholarly book review, the reviewer must understand the book review publication process as well as the strategies involved in writing a successful review.


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